"Without data, you are just someone with an opinion."
W.Edwards Deming

DASBOX offers the simplest monitoring solution ever. Much like using a dog to guard your goods, your businesses and your land, DASBOX’s proposition is to help you monitor just about every aspect of your businesses and personal lives.

The challenge we faced while creating our technology was to invent a single device that would do it all. Whether you wish to keep a close eye on a single thing, or a multitude of objects, in a multitude of environments.

  • Use a DASBOX to monitor the temperature inside a refrigerator. Here is an example.
    Also available in french.
  • Use a DASBOX to count people coming in and out of your business.
  • Use a DASBOX to monitor that precious tool filled trailer on a construction site.
  • Use a DASBOX to be warned if there is a water pipe breakage in your basement.
  • There are in fact thousands of possible uses for a DASBOX. Please check out our creative ideas section.

Product line

Much like watchdogs, there are many types of DASBOX
Same great product but packaged differently for your personalized applications.


This is our flagship product. Meant to be left outside in the great Canadian winter. Its rugged aluminium casing and its weatherized components are packaged in this cute little cube about the size of a rubik's cube.


Simplicity and its appeal. Embed our technology in your product and it will be transformed into an IoT product. You get the electronics packaged and ready to install in your equipement or product. Whether its a new 'thing' or a vintage one.
Here is more info.


This product has been tailor made to help the cold supply chain achieve higher standard of quality. Ideal for grocery stores refrigerator monitoring, bio medical fridges in pharmacies and refrigerated trucks and containers.

DASBOX white

You love our technology so much that you wish to put your brand onto it? Go right ahead. We will help you design and brand your very own white Labeled DASBOX. Don't forget to spread the word though !

Possibilities, possibilities and more possibilities

Imagination is your only limit to use a DASBOX.
Here are some of the many possibilities of monitoring and protection use cases.

Wow ! amazing !

Ginette Lehoux

The use of DASBOX at our pharmacy helps us feel safer about the efficiency of the medication we provide to our patients.
We even get our monthly temperature reports automatically sent to us every months. We won't live without it anymore.

Ginette Lehoux Pharmacist-Owner
Ginette Lehoux Pharmacienne Inc.

How does it work ?

A single DASBOX contains 36 different sensors.
It finds and connect automatically to any mobile network all by itself.
It collects and monitors the information and sends you alerts when the information doesn't seem right.

36 data types

  • Temperature, humidity, barometric pressure
  • Sound level
  • Light intensity
  • Human presence
  • Ozone, VOC
  • Dust, smoke, pollen, spores
  • CO, NO2, ethanol, hydrogen, alcohol,
  • Methane, amonia, butane, propane
  • Acceleration, shock, vibration
  • Longitude. latitude, altitude
  • 10 inputs (0-24VAC)

A bit of disambiguation first.

While most people understand the word sensor. Most people do not understand the words data type.

A single sensor can send more than one piece of information at the time. The data type is in fact the term used to talk about this single bit of information. For instance, our TPMS sensor will send out the following data types: Temperature, humidity, Barometric pressure (3 data types for a single sensor).

Sorry we lied to you about the number of sensors. There are just 11 sensors, but the combined output data contains 36 useful bits of information.

Easiest setup on earth

  • Once unpacked, turn on your DASBOX by pluging in the power cable.
  • Download and launch the app on your phone.
  • locate the QR code on the DASBOX.
  • From the app, choose the link button.
  • Give your DASBOX a friendly name.
  • Take a picture of the QR code with your app.
  • Choose the monitoring profile you wish to use with your DASBOX.
  • Voila ! You are done !

The DASBOX system was invented with ease of use in mind.

We took out as many irritant that we face in our daily lives trying to setup consumer systems.

Unfortunately, too many companies fail at foreseeing the customer experience, and often it is simply left out of the design phase of the product. Not under our watch mister!


  • Min, max values
  • Tendencies over time
  • Tap events on the Box
  • Geolocation changes

The DASBOX will monitor just about anything you wish.

The DASBOX analysis server offers two types of monitoring for your convenience: Event Monitoring & Tendency Monitoring

Event Monitoring: The system constantly checks each incoming data against a valid data enveloppe. If the incoming data is outside the expected enveloppe then the system will fire an alert on the medium you have preset in the system. Email or SMS.

Tendency Monitoring: The incoming data is analysed based on the accumulated data. If the new data stands out of the average values accumulated since its monitoring session, then an alert can be fired by email or SMS to the account manager.


  • 3V through plug in USB port
  • 3V Battery embeded with charging mechanism
  • 3-24V DC power via the I/O ports on the external connector.
  • Solar panel in USB port
  • Car charger with 12 V

Power to the DASBOX !

Since the DASBOX can be used in a number of environments (industrial, cold supply chain, intelligent cities), it was important that we provided it with a number of powering options.

The DASBOX is also shipped with a Li-ion battery for autonomus but temporary operation.